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Liz talks Budget 2023

We're determined to make change

I’m not at all surprised at what’s been flagged for Taitokerau in Budget 2023

The absence of targeted assistance for social housing, especially youth housing, and homelessness is disappointing but it has made us more determined as an organisation to make change for our communities. 

Three thousand more public homes for Aotearoa is not enough. We need far more than this in our region alone. Northland is an after-thought and homelessness is a huge issue up here. 

In March, I had the privilege of attending the National Māori Housing Conference. It’s an event that provides an opportunity for the regions to showcase their leadership and contribution to the housing space that is unique to Māori. 

It’s a platform for Māori and stakeholders like us at 155 to share ideas, information, networks, aspiration and formulate solutions to assist Māori in accessing quality affordable housing.

During the event, it became obvious that the housing needs for Māori differ substantially to the solutions being presented to us. We are not on the same page.

I returned to Northland determined to make change for our communities and to go about it our way. 

We will make it our mission to find out what our people want, and it probably won’t be three-storey urban buildings on top of each other. 

Communities need heart and a hub. It might be a marae, it might be smaller apartments and gardens.

Driving meaningful consultation is the big focus of our mahi this year at 155. There is a housing need and we have a role in supporting that. Watch this space.

Ngā manaakitanga ki a tātau katoa.


155 Whare Āwhina CEO Liz Cassidy-Nelson
155 Whare Āwhina CEO Liz Cassidy-Nelson