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Aotearoa Humanity Project

We are honoured to have some of our 155 friends and whānau featured on the Aotearoa Humanity Project ✨


Here's Lance's story. He shares some aroha for our amazing 155 Open Arms Day Centre team too 💕

"So, these people here at the Open Arms, have helped me immensely, massively. They’re tremendously kind people. Whangārei, represent. We need more people like these people."

See Lance's story

Te Aroha

"I don’t question them, because there’s a lot of personal things, you know? I just carry on, and what little help I can give towards them, so be it."

Te Aroha shares her personal insights on humanity and what we do here at Open Arms ❤️

Here's her story


"I’ve learned through my dad that you don’t leave a fella in the gutter. You pick him up, clean him up, feed him and then ask him 'what’s up?' A person nice and clean and fed has got a lot to say."

Wise words shared by our 155 Open Arms Day Centre and 155 Food Rescue Northland - Whakaora Kai Taitokerau team member, Rex.

Here is Rex's story


Check out that infectious smile from our amazing team member Rob 😁 He had the chance to share some thoughts on life and work with Aotearoa Humanity Project.

"I love to see the smiles. We had six pallets of Easter eggs, and giving them to the kids in the lockdown, it was just amazing to see the smiles."

Smiles and aroha might just be his currency ❤️😉👍

See Rob's story